New Jersey Institute of Technology
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Capstone Laboratory

Diffusion Limited Aggregation

Supported by NSF Grant NO. DMS-1211713; PI: Cummings; Co-PI: Kondic

Instructor: Lou Kondic

Lab Assistant: Michael-Angelo Lam

This project, continuation of the project titled `Diffusion Limited Aggregation and Saffman-Taylor Instability in Non-Newtonian Hele-Shaw Flow' focused on formulating and carrying out large scale Monte Carlo simulations that were orders of magnitude more efficient compared to the ones previously developed. As an outcome, these simulations could be carried out with 10s of millions of random walkers, allowing to obtain statistically meaningful results. In addition, an interactive java-based computational tool has been developed, allowing to carry extensive statistical analysis of the obtained results.

See students' webpage for further details about this project

Fluid Flow in Hele-Shaw Cell experiment.

Diffusion Limited Aggregation simulation.