New Jersey Institute of Technology
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Capstone Laboratory

Healing of thin films: hole closing under vibrations

Supported by BSF grant No. 2020174 and American Chemical Society grant No. 62062-ND9.

Instructor: Lou Kondic

Lab Assistant: Joseph D'Addesa

This project focuses on understanding the influence of vibrations on closing of a hole in a thin film. The project was inspired by recent experiments which explored hole closing and in particular the self-similar regime describing hole radius as a function of time. The project component at NJIT considers theoretical and computational aspects of the problem, and in particular focuses on formulating the governing partial differential equation for the film thickness. The participating students have worked on the project jointly with the lab assistant Joseph D'Addesa, for whom this project is a part of his PhD research. Figure shows an example of drop spreading used as a test problem. .

We thank to Prof. Steffen Hardt from TU Darmstadt, Germany, for bringing this problem to our attention.