New Jersey Institute of Technology
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Capstone Laboratory

Modeling Frosting Utilizing Monte Carlo Simulations

Instructor: Lou Kondic

Lab Assistant: Joseph D'Addesa

This Capstone project focuses on modeling frosting on microstructured substrates in experiments carried out by instructors' collaborators at the Max-Plank Institute of Polymer Science in Mainz, Germany. Figure 1 shows few examples of experimental images of frost spreading in experiments carried out at different humidities (From Phys. Rev. E 104, 044901 (2021)). Based on the experimental results and helped by direct communication with the researchers involved in carrying out these experiments, the students formulated Monte Carlo-based simulations of the frosting process, focusing in particular on the correlation of the outcome of the results (such as the fractal dimension of the emerging patterns) between the experiments and simulations. .

We thank Lukas Hauer (at Helmholtz University Berlin as of 2023) for help with the interpretation of experimental results and useful discussions.