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The Department of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) and the Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics (CAMS) have developed the Capstone Laboratory. This Laboratory has been supported through the years by multiple equipment grants from the National Sciences Foundation, as well as by NJIT and individual research grants.

The Laboratory serves multiple purposes, with the main focus on supporting the undergraduate capstone course. The course provides an opportunity for students to synthesize the knowledge gained during their undergraduate experience by combining mathematical modeling and theoretical analysis with computational analysis, and physical experiments. In addition, the Laboratory facilities has been used for carrying out more advanced research projects by the Phd candidates in the DMS and by the postdoctoral associates and faculty in DMS and CAMS. These research projects have often been vertically integrated, and have led to research publications that have ether directly involved undergraduate students, or that have evolved from the projects involving undergrads. Some representative publications and presentations are listed here and at the Publications & Presentations page.

Recent News

Dec 2018: Final presentations Fall 2018 [link]

Jun 2018: Ivan, Ines, and Michael are spending three weeks at Oxford (UK) working with Prof. Griffiths on extension of their project. Way to go!

May 2018: Congratulations to Catherine Souza on Provost Fellowship!

Mar 2018: Congratulations to Dylan Renaud on acceptance to Physics PhD program at Harvard!

Representative Publications