• February: Link to the post describing launch of Space Station colloids experiment: [link 1]


  • October: Link to a PhD project description: Avalanches in granular matter. [link 1]

  • October: Link to a PhD project description: Breakup of multicomponent fluid films. [link 1]

  • August: Here is a link to Annu. Rev. Fluid Mech. paper by Prof. Kondic and collaborators. [link 1]

  • June: Congratulations to Prof. Kondic for promotion to the rank of Distinguished Professor.


  • November: Congratulations to Prof. Kondic, Prof. Cummings and Dr. Lam on press coverage for their paper on Journal of Fluid Mechanics! [link 1]

  • September: Congratulations to Prof. Oza on press coverage for his PRL paper! [link 1]

  • July: NJIT reports on a CFSM research project! [link 1]

  • July: Congratulations to Profs. Cummings and Prof. Kondic on new NSF research award for study of Liquid Crystals!

  • May: Photos from the 2018 commencement. [link 1]

  • April: Congratulations to Michael Lam for his successful thesis defense on April 24th!

  • April: Congratulations to Valeria Barra for her successful thesis defense on April 24th!

  • April: Congratulations to Ryan Allaire for winning DOE SCGSR Fellowship. Ryan will spend 3 months at ORNL.

  • January: Ivana Seric' paper in Physics of Fluids was elected for Scilight. [link 1]


  • November: Lou Kondic has been awarded Luis Federico Leloir award for his contribution to development of Argentine science. [link 1]

  • October: Linda Cummings has been awarded funds to run an Isaac Newton Institute 4-month programme on "Complex Analysis: techniques, applications and computations". [link 1]

  • October: Lou Kondic has been elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society.

  • August: Ivana Seric has accepted a position with the Philadelphia 76ers as a Data Scientist in Analytics and Strategy - Congratulations, Ivana!

  • August: Ivana Seric defended her thesis on August 1st in Cullimore 611.

  • July: Michael Lam spoke at the FUNWAVE-TVD workshop in Newark, DE as part of his internship at the Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory. [link 1]

  • June: Lou Kondic chaired the 14th Frontiers in Applied and Computational Mathematics, June 24-25 at NJIT. [link 1]

  • June: Linda Cummings co-organized the 33rd annual workshop on Mathematical Problems in Industry, June 19-23 at NJIT. [link 1]

  • June: Pejman Sanaei defended his thesis on June 16th in Cullimore 611.

  • June: Michael Lam spent summer 2017 as an intern at the Coastal Hydraulics Lab in Mississippi, funded by Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education! [link 1]

  • May: Linda Cummings was an invited speaker at the Applied and Computational Complex Analysis workshop to be held at the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh, UK.

  • April: Nanyi Dong defended his thesis on April 26th in Cullimore 611.

  • March: Pejman Sanaei has accepted a position at the Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences, NYU, starting September 2017 - Congratulations, Pejman!

  • February: Pejman Sanaei organized and spoke in minisymposium on Small-scale flows with industrial applications: Modeling and simulations at the SIAM 2017 CSE meeting. [link 1]

  • February: Michael Lam spoke in Liquid Crystal minisymposium and Ivana Seric spoke in Computational Fluid Dynamic minisymposium at the SIAM 2017 CSE meeting. [link 1]


  • December: Valeria Barra completed an intern at Pixar Studios! [link 1]

  • November: Group members William Batson, Michael Lam, Pejman Sanaei, and Ivana Seric present their work at the 2016 APS Division of Fluid Dynamics meeting. [link 1]